Car Conversions

When you have difficulty getting around and has limited use of the hands and feet, there are car conversions possible on your existing vehicle that will still allow you to drive on your own. These include:

Hand Controls. Hand controls installed on the steering wheel allow you to operate the brake with a push/pull mechanism. There is another control for the accelerator with an optional indicator included.

Radial Hand Controls. With this conversion, you can apply the brakes by pushing the steering wheel away from you and accelerate by pulling it toward you.

Left Foot Accelerator. This provides an extra accelerator pedal on the floor of the car for you to use with your left foot rather than your right. Both pedals are hinged so that the other pedal will stay up out of the way when you are driving.

Rotating Car Seat. If you have difficulty turning your body to get out of the vehicle, a rotating car seat allows you to turn so that you are facing the open door, making it easier to exit.

Infra-Red and Radio Waves. If you can only use one hand when driving, the installation of this device on the steering wheel will give you access to 18 functions at your fingertips. There is a quick release system so that when someone else is driving the car, you can take it out.

Tri-Pin Steering Aid. This device holds you hand firmly in place on the steering wheel. The Tri-Pin can be released with the push of a button.

Then there are a variety of ramps and hoists to make it easier for disabled persons to get in and out of a car or van.

Boot Hoist. With the hoist located on the back of a van, you can easily lift a wheelchair and bring it into the boot/trunk area.

Carony. This is a device that will transport a person in a wheelchair directly to the passenger seat of the car so that the seat deadlocks from the wheelchair itself. The seat swivels so that it faces the open door when getting into the car and when the passenger is in place, the seat will then rotate to the regular position.

Multi-Lift. This lift, powered by the electrical component of the car, will lift the driver or a passenger seated in a wheelchair out of the car. There is a hand control box to activate the lift.